Imagem capa - ​A volta a África 2018​​​ em vídeio por GabrielSarabando
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​A volta a África 2018​​​ em vídeio

A volta a África 2018 em vídeo

Marrocos - Mauritânia - Mali - Burkina Faso - Togo - Benim - Nigéria - Cameroon - Gabon - Congo - R.D. Congo - Angola - Namibia - South Africa - Lesotho - Swaziland - Mozambique - Malawi - Tanzania - Rwanda - Uganda - Kenya - Ethiopia . 

A group of three friends come togheter to share the experience of a life time. An epic trip to discover the African continent with one motorcicle and a 4x4 vehicle. A journey of personal, physucal and emotional overcoming, taking to the limits the vehicles. A MULTICULTURAL JOURNEY More important than fate is the way; The people who will meet, the stories that are shared, the cultures that cross each other; The group of travelers wants to live the customs, and to truly know the people.